National Compliment Day!

January 24th is

National Compliment Day!


This is a day to pay it forward and say something nice to someone! Although National Compliment Day is still a relatively new holiday,  (created in 1998 by Kathy Chamberlin, of Hopkinton, NH. and Debby Hoffman, of Concord, NH)  it still can bring much joy and positivity to you and others.

Tips for giving compliments!

  1. Be Honest– Don’t give somebody a fake compliment.  Be sincere with what you are saying.
  2. Give it at the right time–  Context is important!
  3. Be Specific– Try and not be vague.  Tell someone something that suits them!


People like to be complimented because it makes them feel good and making someone feel good should make you feel good in return! This can bring forth a more positive atmosphere for everybody!  Remember you are awesome!

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